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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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they're able to infiltrate this, put an under cover operative in with this suspect. >> this is his house. how the fbi got on to him in the first place we don't know. but for two months the algt describes how he monitored and facilitated the bomb plot. customers at the bank were stunned by the news. >> wow, seriously? >> glad they caught him. >> in this complaint the agent says he has a prior record. a conviction forcñ÷ transportation of an ak 47 assault rifle and was sentenced to a year then released in november. 30 days later he had a meeting with the under cover agent. dan? >> it's unbelievable. thank you very much n fairfield a week after a 13-year-old girl was found murdered in a park police made an arrest. he's a man suspected all along. the 32-year-old, anthony jones
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lives blocks from where the victim was last seen. vic lee has team coverage for us tonight. explain what you've been learning. >> well, dan, police removed the crime scene tape from this house, take a look. it's the second house across the stree. a neighbor said he'd moved here just last year, people we spoke with sate murder of the 13-year-old girl hit the community hard. >> we go to bed and wake up in the morning first thing we think about is that little girl that they found. >> a sense of relief police now have the murder suspect. anthony lamar jones is 32 years old arrested this
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morning at his mother's apartment in this residential complex. neighbor tells us an officer knocked on her door he asked me questions and showed me pictures of a man that they thought was the perpetrator. showed me pictures of the girl z asked if i had been to crown barber. >> crown barber turned out to be a hair styling shop jones reportedly started here at this shopping mall last year. police also appeared here this morning during the operation. they took evidence from the shop and boarded up the windows and door. this contractor was shocked to learn about this arrest. >> they did seem like nice guys they're going to start a business and -- nothing seemed out of the ordinary. >> police roped off this house this morning.
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investigators brought out more evidence from the home. police say they identified him early in the investigation. >> he's been under 24 hour surveillance there is no danger to public during the investigation. >> jones mother's apartment is a few blocks from this market this, week, police released a picture of the 13-year-old which was taken by a surveillance camera across the street fromr÷last market. the naked body found the day after her disappearance, on january 31. it wasn't until early this week that police identified her as the missing 13-year-old. >> now, abc 7 news spoke with jones mother today. she did not want to go on camera but said she's devastated at learning of the arrest and said that he comes from a family that goes church every sunday and she can't
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imagine his doing something like this. >> now, let's turn to allen wong live at the park where the body was discovered. there is a vigil there in what? about half an hour? >> yes. about a half hour. have a good crowd gathering here. including family members of jannel conway allen. the body discovered just yards from here. most people who have come by this memorial did not know her personally. now, we're told jannel's mother from vallejo may show up. she lost custody of jannel which is how the 7th grader ended up in foster care. she thanked everyone for their support. they said now we can begin to say goodbye to sweet jannel wex love you so much, we always will.
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forever, we'll always love you. this vigil set to begin in a half hour. we have a crowd gathering here. abc 7 news. >> just moments ago two people rescued after a sail boat overturned in san francisco bay were brought back to dry lanld. the fire department rescuers towed the boat to shore, it cap sized this afternoon and tossed people into thceh bay waters. they appeared to be okay back on dry land. >> we're learning more about the home invasion murder of a millionaire ravish comear and how police connected raven dixon to three men suspected in the murder. abc 7 news is live with
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today's developments. >> the tapers we got today read like an episode out of csi. criminalists and crime scene technicians explained how and where they found dna linking the suspects to the murder. and how prosecuted say a 22-year-old prostitute is involved. the district attorney released a statement in the homicide case of the 66-year-old from los gatos. papers contained how police found evidence against the three suspects. >> there is dna evidence for plea males charged with this murder. >> the deputy district attorney is prosecuting this case and says they're charged with murder while committing a robbery. smith says criminalists found
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one suspect's dna on tape used kumar and g another dna found underneath kumar's finger nails and a a glove containing his dna. as for 22-year-old raven dixon's involvement, smith says she knew the suspects members of oakland)ocr gangs gt town and money team and she's involved with prostitution as well. >> she has gang ties. well, maybe in the a member she's involved with people who are in it. and her pimp is a member of ghost town. >> smith says dixon is childhood friends with women whose brothers are gang members. this flies in the face of what was alleged wednesday. >> she does not know them. how can she be harboring one of these people unless she knew them? also, would it have to be she knew a murder was committed she knew she was hash yorg
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someone committing a murder. >> what the district attorney akñwhat the district attorney >> now, a judge will decide on february 14th whether prosecutors can tie all four together in one case. prosecutors expected to ask for a gang enhancement. all four suspects were now in the county jail behind me expected to enter a plea on that day. >> new at 6:00 police in southern california have just released new pictures of the former police officer suspected of going on a shooting rampage. this picture of christopher dorner taken january 29th by a security camera in a hotel in orange county. today the search is focused on the mountain resort of big bear, police found dorner's burned out truck this week. abc 7 news is in the the
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newsroom. >> the sheriff's office is shopping around the clock search and will have 12 crews patrolling the streets of the neighborhood tonight. their pri ti to ensure safety of the people of big bear but they also want to protect their own officers who are carry fully hunting a man who is targeting police officers and their families. >> heavy snow slowed a search for christopher dorner. authorities walked door to door, scouring 600 homes and vacation cabins. this mission will be called off when night fall autos deputies are searching today have been out there all date. they'll come out tonight and will be back in the morning. >> one day after the truck was found heerk it seems the suspect has vanished. the former officer is an expert marks man and being called calculating and patient. pleeg say he claimed to have a
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rifle capable of slicing through armored cars. with the picture posted, false sightings continue to pour in. twin towers correctional facility was locked down after someone thought they saw dorner n a manifesto he claims he was black listed and unjustly fire frtd lapd after exposing]k3z abe wnt lapd che calls corrupt and racist. william bratton was l.a. police chief at the time. >> i have no recollection of his particular case. he would have been fire bid me. >> dorner named at least 12 people he plans to kill and why. stop when his name is cleared. >> this is going to go on unless you surprise him this will end violently.
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>> also irvine police and u.s. marshals wrapped up a four-hour search of dorner's mother's home and took 15 with bags of evidence. authorities say dorner used to live at that home and his mother and sister cooperated with their search. >> keira. thank you. >> unbelievable story. if anything breaks during on this story during this newscast we'll bring it to you right away. >> still ahead here tonight big winter storm crippling northeast leaving hundreds of travelers stranded here in the bay area. >> we're going to have cold weather overnight. éive you a look in my accu-weather forecast. >> and tim lincecum, a new
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a steak house will reopen after a noro virus outbreak caused it to close. this after customers complained about getting sick. turns out one restaurant employee tested positive for noro virus. employees underwent food safety training and inspectors checked out the restaurant again. >> as you've seen in our coverage of the lapd manhunt it's been snowing in mountains of southern california.
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interstate 5 is closed right now. no word on when it will reopen. in the meantime, the storm back east that go go into record books is causing flight delays around the country. this is logan airport in boston. nearly 3800 flights have been cancelled and we're getting a ripple affect here in the bay area. heather? >> the airport most-recent numbers for cancellations are that there are 60 total today here at sfo. 40 departures. major cities are boston, new york, newark and philadelphia. >> this is people on the east coast. >> airlines saw it coming and began notifying people yesterday. united set up an area just for rebooking. these tourists are
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disappointed their four days have been cut in half. they're rerouted to dallas, then, on to washington, d.c.. >> maybe there is no attempt to go sight seeing. maybe. >> do you have a place to stay? just the airport? >> airport. >> these players are trying to get to new york for a match. >> they're not giving us information about what is going on. >> did they reroute you?. >> not yet. >> what did they say to do? >> hold tight. >> this seasoned traveler is betting on getting out tomorrow afternoon to jfk. he's sticking around the airport this afternoon to check in. >> the plane i'm taking has a unique seating chart there. is a seat i know goes all the way back.
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>> a lot of it depends on how long it takes this weather system to move through cities and how severe weather is. how long will it take runways to get cleared will there be difficulty getting to work to operate the airport. >> tomorrow, sfo says recent information is that all flights to and from boston on all carriers are cancelled and common sense and try to make a call and see what is going on in your flight if it's to the northeast. >> again, 3800 flights turks very much. >> many schools and businesses closed from new jersey to maine today and other people
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hit the road as soon as possible. and check it out. you can see these conditions in boston7osiñ. this marks first time driving has been banned since another big storm hit 35 years ago. snow plows hit the streets as soon as first snowflakes gel. workers began spreading salt and other deicing materials before the storm arriveduyñ. >> take a look at this live picture from massachusetts. it's really howling there tonight. you know, it's freezing cold. >> blizzard conditions have developed right here in this location, too. in massachusetts along the coastline there. winds gusting over 55 miles per hour in the last hour or
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so. snow is falling in that area now z over many other parts of the northeast. my daughter is in connecticut and had planned to go to boston for the weekend. that got cancelled. and now, winds are gusting. well, i shouldn't say just gusting. sustained winds blowing 35-55 miles per hour with stronger gusts. so blizzard conditions. much different picture here in the bay area. high definition camera shows clear skies looking west. a bit of after glow of sunset there. that shows us cloud free seasons here in the bay area, our stormy weather ended now we have approaching cold continuing with us overnight. southern california it's snowing in los angeles county winter weather warning in effect for the mountains of los angeles county. you can see we're looped here that snow is falling in the higher elevations over much of southern california caused by the storm brought us showers yesterday.
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dry and cool. temperatures mainly into mid -- upper 40s to low 50s. sunny, dry this weekend and a milder pattern settling in but tonight it's going to be cold. down to about 30 in fairfield. 34 in concord all around the bay shore line. we'll see lows into 30s tonight so going to be chilly. satellite composite shows that low moving through southern california kicking up a bit of a snow storm into higher elevations. we have a flof cold dry air now. jet stream flowing almost over us. this is a ridge of high pressure going to keep us dry and bring us milder weather. tomorrow going to be a lovely day. sunny skies and to about 58 in
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san jose. mid to upper 50s and low to mid-50s on the coast. highs into mid-50s upper 50s mainly into the north bay to 60s in santa rosa and 61 if clover dale. inland east bay highs into upper 50s. and near monterey bay, highs here is the accu-weather forecast. milder next week high temperatures on the coast into low 60s by mid week, mid-60s inland. thursday, it's valentine's day. and it's going to be a sweetheart of a day. >> it will. >> enjoy the weather, smooch, smooch. >> coming up next spectacular launch to san francisco's giants sweep campaign. giants sweep campaign. >> world of walking
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84 men and one woman are new grad rits of the chp
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academy. the only woman says she received a lot of encouragement from her colleague's wifes and girlfriend autos they say every weekend their husbands and girlfriends saying is she still there? i'm praying for it. >> the akad smi 1280 hours of academic instruction with a demanding program. they work out three times per week. and 25 minute floor routine, followed by a run. >> today's ceremony dedicated to the memory of kenyon young storm who dedied in the line of duty last fall. >> the giants swept their way to the world series. now, the mayor hopes to gutierrez dents to sweep away garbage in the city. and what amounted to a huge pep rally, the mayor unveiled an antilitter campaign call giant sweep.
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last year city workers picked up almost 23,000 tons of material dumped on the streets. this goal to guest residents to pitch in. >> it's easy to look away. i've been a lot of cities, san francisco is one of the beautiful places i've been. >> the city willed hold several neighborhood clean up events. >> there is more still to come. just ahead looking in on a vigil just about to get underway for a 13-year-old murlder skprim follow up to an arrest made in that case today. >> abc 7 news looks into an idea to merge the bay area into one giant city state.lt0y >> and what to do
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right now in fairfield the community is gathering to
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remember 13-year-old jannel conway allen. the mem jill happening where jannel was found murdered last friday. >> about 300 people are gathered here now. a lot more than before including several members of the clergy and family members of jannel conway including her grandmother here with us now. your reaction to the crowd? >> i'm her great aunt that. is okay. family wants to thank everybody for showing up. support is overwhelming. it's overwhelming. everywhere you look there are candles you can't see past the people. we thank you. >> we know she was in foster care her mother lost custody of her, what can you tell us about that? >> i don't know much about that. i didn't know. i haven't seen more in a year. i didn't know that that was happening. i don't know. >> this happened in the last
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year? >> last year. >> looking at the vigil beginning it's getting underway on the east of the arrest of her suspected killer. we'll have mer at 11:00. back to you. >> thank you. >> and a plan being pitched to erase boundaries separate cities and counties and consl date services. abc 7 news david louie is live in san jose to explain what is behind this sweeping proposal. david? >> most of the cities operate their own separate police and fire stations but budgets get tight it's suggestsed they should consider consolidations to improve services and that the nine counties or beyond should consider rate praiting as a single unit. >> there are 101 cities in
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nine counties. it's sometimes difficult to tell when you've crossed unless you see city lines. >> what you have to do is catch the moment when a leaderki is retiring saying maybe it's time to combine our fire departments. >> he suggested the bay area should think of itself as a city state working while saving money and improving services. some benefits, police fire and los gatos police serve residents. >> bay area has six million people. >> l.a. county costs less per citizen. they have a fleet of nine fire helicopters. bay area has no fire
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helicopters. >> we do as a regionin need to figure out how we cooperate and son sol dade dait operations from a public sector to give our taxpayers more bang for the buck. >> elected officials and residents urge caution. >> we grow and look at how to regionalize services but maintain rep sen taigs. >> everybody has their own opinion. some cities are more conservative, some, more liberal. i think this makes the world a better place fr me to have different opinions. >> idea of creating thezy=n ciy state is daunting but that is probably set back in 60s when they're starting to think about parks. idea is going to be creating a lot of controversy and debate.
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in san jose, abc 7 news. >> apple deciding what to do with all of the cash it has in the bank. one of the major investors hoping to force apple to distribute some of it to shareholders. apple would write every person in america a check for $437 or buy iphones for nefsht city or buy luxury apartments in manhattan to house everyone in omaha, nebraska. apple could foot the bill for federal education spending for next two years. o., or, could buy facebook, groupon, yelp, skillo and zynga and still have $2 billion leftover, of course, these are just$m >> or none of the above. >> coming up next a chapter
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>> coming up next a chapter out of the rich rock and ñes0ú a have to ask you to
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it's said to be the world's longest running rock band competition. >> fun. tomorrow night, young musicians will gather in front of 1500 screaming fans for the 50th battle of the bands in hayward. >> 12 minutes is all you get to impress the crowd and win. hats and... >> they are competing in the tribute band of fleetwood m >> you get graded on costumes? >> yes. they're very particular. the pendant is a dupe ply kit of what stevie nicks wears on stage. >> if they don't do knit 12
6:39 pm
minutes curtain goes down. >> in 1964 itd(u was a teen-aged battle=.v the bands. >> best thing is going to play in a dance, local dance. >> in the 70s hayward park district opened it up to all ages. in the 90s adding prize autos they get studio time, merchandise, and sometimes a record label. >> for those lucky enough to compete the theet jer hallowed ground where bands have gotten a break where rock stars launch aid career. >> this was the battle of the bands in the bay area. >> in 1974 he won the contest. you don't have to win to make it big. you may never have heard of agents of misfortune but their
6:40 pm
drummer went ton to play with ozzy osbourne. they don't often forget the battle. this year, ynt back to show support. >> i hope it just keep goesing. >> we need things like this for musicians. >> that is cool. >> great event. >> yes. >> michael finney is coming up next. next. >> why well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good.
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[ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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if you plan to send flowers to a local florist this valentine's day we have an important warning. >> some companies appear tok local are from out of the area, perhaps out of state. >> yes. michael finney is here with his investigation into this tonight. >> if you talk to local florists and they'll tell you regional names tend to do well. and a part of the bigs some of the nationwide guys want in on. when you have flowers on valentine's day how do you pick a florist? many go online looking for one
6:44 pm
located in the town they want to send flowers. here is a listing for palo alto. it shows a nice woman and one photograph. and flower shop in another. very palo alto. is it? dig deeper and you'll find this. pal yes alto is >> there is a lot of activity on the internet and print media. folks are trying to take this al you're or attraction local florists have. >> that is assemblyman who got a law passed. >> the law says it's that if you're going to use local names then have a local address there. >> if you don't assemblymançsí says you can be sued. working on the legislation with the assemblyman is kirk laurens. >> we want to make sure that
6:45 pm
nobody is deceiving the consumer into thinking that they're dealing with someone locally when they're not. >> dirk believes he's lost 20% of the business by this type of marketing. >> this led to more florist goings out of business more brick and mortar florists. we're losing our network. this affected our business. >> dirk pointed me to this internet litsing in fremont. fremont florist and gifts. local phone number but there is a map. i click on it and get a location. then, check it out for myself. it's an apartment complex. another listing fremont florist. again, no address. there is a map. of a location that doesn't
6:46 pm
look promising. that is not the kind of sign you normally find. we called both listings receiving the same announcementu)+ç for florist concierge. never able to confirm this listings belong to that company. on the internet we find oakland's one stop flower shoch. san francisco4mp, one stop flowr shop. three sites with different telephone numbers all linking back to this address in vancouver, washington. i made contacts with the sites none responded to my request for more information. this law went into affect january 1 so i'll let you know fit makes a difference. >> it's important to know. there is nowhere to go. >> you think it's local. you're not. >> thanks good stuff. >> weekend arrived looks like
6:47 pm
rain cleared out. >> things are looking good, dan mainly cloud free sky now. chilly overnight. cold in spots. tomorrow, we'll be looking at sunny skies maybe aware of the los angeles county air, it's snowing and a storm yesterday brought us showers. and we'll have sunny skies here again, tomorrow, it will get milder, high temperatures into upper 50s to around 60 in a few locations. and pebble peach continues tomorrow will be sunny, temperatures into 40s and into afternoon, climbing into 50s. mild weather next week, highs climbing up to mid-60s. >> perfect weather for at and
6:48 pm
t pro am. >> this is true. >> yes. >>ct( some don't get lucky. >> yes. >> talking about that. >> yes. >> they'll take rain free. >> yes. money in the bank. round two in pebble beach z meet the new timmy. lincecum getting
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good evening, gins holding a fan fest tomorrow, now, today players met the media. it's a new tim lincecum. long hair is gone. the book worm has arrived. tim lincecum last year this, year. >> just got tired of long hairks needed something different. >> but share not the only different. >> this is a loox. >> except. >> not, no prescription you look like a poet. >> poet? >> fot. >> i run a good poet or two.
6:52 pm
>> lincecum had a rough time airk career worst 10, 15 record with a high 5.18 earned run average. he did help giants claim their second world series in three years. >> in this swairks it's just selfless situation you can be in you know? so this year, it's different. i'm hoping to be in the presentation again. >> buster posey put to rest ill will between the two. >> tim and i are friends, okay? there is no issue there. >> i want to get back to that that i once had. >> during off season, giants announced they cannot come to terms with former closer and
6:53 pm
favorite. wims onmissed most of last year with a second tommy john surgery. >> he was taken back and jilted by what we needed to do. that is understandable. we wanted to do it and set up a contract. it's a disappointing time to get as much money as we can. >> 49ers head coach has not picked up a golf club since laughter's tournament who. needs practice? hasn't skipped a beat they're up by a stroke, round two highlights, seaweed sweet lady offers bill murray eric bart thinks his putt, takes the
6:54 pm
ball and chucks it. shot of the day on 11. bump and run. chips it in. one under at halfway mark. terrible lie here in monterey. behind the tree in the bunker still gets it close to the pin. one back, the leaders. nwba hoops tonight look out, sorry, joey. golden state continuing defense optional. tony allen dunking in there. david lee and curry come out to 38 of the warriors 56 first half points. marcus salt apparently invisible. goes to the basket, undetered.
6:55 pm
you know hockey players are tough, so are ringside reporters. hit in the face with a puck. his face is a bloody mess. and he's still broadcasting and doing a report. >> that is a pro, larry. >> are you suggesting i would stop if i was bleeding right now? >> looks good. >> yes he looks like he's going to work for google. >> it's wild. he wears it well. >> coming up a mars mystery d the rover just spot a hunk of metal? >> and then at 11:00 must have task force what doctors
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recommend for each stage of your life. >> and jimmy kim yil live with highlights from this week's shows. >> that does it for us on abc >> that does it for us on abc 7 news.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament! here are today's semifinalists -- a freshman from marietta, georgia...
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...a senior from westport, connecticut... ...and a senior from little rock, arkansas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hey, i'm still reeling from the ending of our program yesterday, the semifinal in which no contestant wound up with any money at the end of the game. it's never happened before. first time in any of our tournaments, and i was quite taken aback by it. but fortunately, the contestants were more familiar with the rules than i was. so i'm hoping that today, with leonard, emily, and nilai, we have an easier time of it. good luck. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories. and you go first, leonard. you know that.
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leonard. i'll take african americans for $200. she's added to her accomplishments with "modelland," a novel for young adults. nilai. who is tyra banks? yes. let's go weird science for $200, please. emily. what is a volcano? yes. i'll take work"er"s for $200. leonard. what is butcher? butcher. correct. movies by cast, $200. [ beep ] and that was a lot of fun. "bend it like beckham." yes. leonard, go. movies by cast, $400. nilai.


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